Justin Liew & Gan Keem

Justin Liew &
Gan Keem

Blue Diamond Executive
"There is no take two in Life. Let’s make the best out of it.”

Justin was 35 years old when he became the Group General Manager for a public listed property development company. In the eyes of many, that was a dream career. But to Justin, the responsibility and stress were almost unbearable, especially during the recession period.

In 2008, the company he worked for was going through challenging moments, and his career was on pause. Disappointed and frustrated for unable to control his own destiny, Justin recalled his ambition of becoming a businessman. “It was then that I started to open up to opportunities around me,” said the former Group General Manager.

When you are opening yourself to opportunities, you tend to be less skeptical. “I was once, very skeptical about direct selling. But I was totally impressed by the Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner. Following that, I invested some time to evaluate the business in a more objective manner and found that Nu Skin has a very good culture and business plan.”

Inspired by the science behind the company, Justin ventured into Nu Skin business on part time basis. But he later found that he needed to put in more time and effort. “I started out as a part-timer, but later, I realized that in order to earn serious money and build a long term substantial business, I had to make a life-changing decision and be focused,” he explained.

Justin made up his mind and turned Nu Skin into his full time business in 2009. After getting into the business whole-heartedly, he realized that Nu Skin business is a different ball game overall. “Nu Skin is very different from my earlier career in the corporate world. This is a business where we can wholeheartedly inspire people to play a bigger game in life unlike those in the corporate world. We understand that when we help enough people to get what they want, we will get what we want. Though there were challenging moments and we had numerous breakdowns, we know that there will always be breakthroughs,” Justin clarified.

To Justin, achieving Blue Diamond Executive is just another step. He is blessed to be part of the Nu Skin family. “We know there is much more we can do to bring the company, the team and ourselves to greater heights,” commented the New Blue Diamond Executive.

Justin owes his success to his guardian angels, Blue Diamond Executive, Michele Liew & Edward Chen; Blue Diamond Executive, Chua Mei Hsiang & Chong Wai Hong for showing him the business and nurturing him, his downlines for their support and trust, sidelines for their selfless sharing and teamwork, and most importantly, the lady behind him who make all things possible – Keem, his wife. “We leverage on each other’s strength forming a husband and wife team with the mission to empower people achieving their dreams. Keem’s unconditional support and understanding has given me the strength to sail through this journey,” said Justin gratefully.