Joyce Ong and Fung Hwa Yoong

Joyce Ong and Fung Hwa Yoong

Executive Brand Director



Joyce Ong and Fung Hwa Yoong’s positive attitude and buoyant personalities are giving them an edge in their Nu Skin business – and it shows. This dynamic husband and wife duo, both in their 30s, have achieved their Executive Brand Directors title, testament of their drive to achieve their goals.


The main turning point for the couple was the birth of their children. Joyce Ong, an ex-branding and marketing manager decided to take on Nu Skin as a business venture. When Nu Skin's weight management products yielded good results for Joyce, the couple began to see it as a potential business opportunity that would give them flexibility and opportunity to discover the best them. Joyce made the decision to do the business and her husband joined her in this journey.


 "We grew a lot in our Nu Skin journey. This business is more than just about leveraged income. For me it is a source of empowerment," says Joyce. For Hwa Yoong, he is learning a lot of new business strategies from Nu Skin’s business models. From being a boss in a managerial role, he has now become an effective leader who inspires other to succeed.


Hwa Yoong also finds that the business has given him and his wife a common goal, which helps to improve their relationship. “Now we have a mutual topic other than our kids to discuss and be excited about!” Hwa Yoong says with delight.


Challenges for this hard-working pair come in the form of old mindsets that get in the way. "This is a people-oriented business, so we began to learn that in order to succeed we need to work hard, practise empathy, gratitude and above all, love for others. It is no longer just personal achievements, as Nu Skin emphasizes people succeeding together," Joyce says.


The couple would like to thank their Circle of Excellence IV, 6 Year Team Elite Platinum & 20 Year Team Elite, Rayne & Angela, their direct working uplines especially Circle of Excellence I & 4 Year Team Elite, Alan & Serene, Circle of Excellence I Ferlyn Kwang & Jason Gey; Senior Brand Director, Nancy Yeo and all leaders for their undying support and guidance: "They remind us that communication is important. We are grateful that they teach us how to be Nu Skin entrepreneurs, how to think like one, and how to mold our mindsets to a goals-focused one.” Also not forgetting their wonderful business partners whom they can call family and of course their own parents for their support and encouragement.

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