Joshua Chin & Amy Liew

Joshua Chin & Amy Liew

Executive Brand Director

"Follow the Compass, Not the Clock"


When you ask the big questions, the important answers arise. That's how Joshua and Amy began their Nu Skin journey. Previously a lawyer attached to a multinational company, Joshua was already enjoying success in many areas of his life. However, when he started asking himself the deeper questions of life, it opened up his eyes to a different perspective of living purposefully.


"When I started questioning what's next after I am gone, it led me to find God. Then I started asking about what life would be when I am old and I won’t be able to work anymore. I realized I need to find a solution so I can enjoy my golden years," Joshua says.


Having been introduced to Nu Skin when he was looking to improve his health, Joshua found that there's more to Nu Skin that just its programs and products. He was impressed with the business model and soon began to see that Nu Skin was the answer he was looking for to help him achieve his life goals.


Throughout their Nu Skin journey, Joshua and Amy encountered many meaningful moments along way, which inspired them to appreciate life more. One of the memorable moments was an encounter on a Force For Good day, where he met a little girl who had 2 heart operations done with funds from the SEA Children Heart Fund. After speaking to the little girl’s father, Joshua was so surprised the father (mistakenly) thought Nu Skin was a beauty salon business! “I am just amazed and grateful to be part of a company that truly bless others unconditionally – and that moment, truly spoke to me that we help even those who aren’t our customers!” Joshua said.


They are grateful to all their upline business partners; including Circle of Excellence I, Alan Goh & Serene Tan; Circle of Excellence I, Ferlyn Kwang & Jason Gey and Circle of Excellence I, Go Choon Seong & Kwang Lee Teng for their leadership and guidance in growing them in this business and their success.


“We often based our success on a time line or dateline or what our peers have achieved by age of 35 or 40” Joshua shares. “I remember this quote that advises us to “follow the compass, not the clock.”. I strongly believe we should follow our purpose to find fulfilment, regardless of our age. Only then success can be a meaningful one.”  

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