Jong Suk Hiong & Ling Nguok Hiong

Jong Suk Hiong & Ling Nguok Hiong

Blue Diamond Executive

“With Nu Skin, my life began to change and is filled with a variety of colors!”

Ling Nguok Hiong chose to work over furthering her study after high school, to reduce the burdens of her family. However, after working for seven years, she realized that she was still unable to improve the lifestyle of her family.

“I was so frustrated. Why would other people be able to provide better living to their family but I could not?” recalled Nguok Hiong.

It was at this time that she met her angel, Blue Diamond Executive, Wong Siew Ling.

“Through a set of TRA, I regained my health and bodyline. From being skeptical about the Direct Selling, I began to revisit the company’s profile out of curiosity,” admitted Nguok Hiong.

“I was previously a draughtsman, having a stable nine to five job. With Nu Skin, my life began to change and is filled with a variety of colors!” happily announced Nguok Hiong.

She is now her own master of her time. “I have finally managed to improve my family’s living and my own lifestyle, creating a marvelous life for myself,” rejoiced the newly crowned Blue Diamond Executive.

Nguok Hiong visited the United States of America in October 2011. It was her first visit to the States. She was happy that she had the chance to enjoy with her group of friends overseas. She was unable to do this previously.

“Following that, I also successfully achieved my other dream – to purchase my own house, allowing my parents to live better.”

Nu Skin newly crowned Blue Diamond Executive would like to thank her parents for their care, her upline for the guidance and encouragement, and all the business partners. “Thank you all for trusting me. See you at the top!”