Jeff Lye & Sandra Lee

Jeff Lye & Sandra Lee

Executive Brand Director


“Believe in your team's strength and be committed.”


The desire to create a better tomorrow for their family is what prompted Jeff and Sandra to leave their hometown to pursue the Nu Skin Enterprises business that has changed their lives from ordinary to extraordinary.

Jeff, a graduate from England University and Sandra, from UKM, met and married in their hometown, Muar, Johor. Joining the work force brought little rewards and a feeling of being unappreciated for the time and effort they had put into their work. As their family grew, so did the desire to provide a better lifestyle for themselves and their children.

Jeff and Sandra first heard about the Nu Skin Enterprises business through Executive Brand Director, Samuel Lai and Angie Koh. They jumped at the chance to join the Nu Skin Enterprises business after listening to a presentation of the business opportunity by 1 Year Presidential Director, Jonathan Chong & Evelyn Lai.

“The effective way in which the opportunity was introduced to us and how it improves lives caught our attention,” explained the couple. The successful, comfortable lifestyle and flexible working hours that their uplines enjoyed convinced Jeff and Sandra that the Nu Skin Enterprises business would be their career. With the support of their families, Jeff and Sandra embarked confidently on their new venture.

The guidance from their uplines provided Jeff and Sandra an opportunity to learn more about the business. Turning to each other for support helped them cope with the challenges they faced in the course of their business. The couple had this to share, “Rejection in this business is one of the hardest things to face. But we took it as another lesson to learn from, encouraged each other to find solutions and moved on.” This dynamic duo, who see rejection as a normal part of life, believe that the more rejection you learn to deal with, the bigger the success.

“Our children have been our pillars of strength. We are also grateful to our parents for helping to care for our children when we were tied up.” Jeff and Sandra would also like to take this opportunity to convey their sincere gratitude to their uplines, Circle of Excellence I & 1 Year Presidential Director, S.G. Lim & Jasmine Hew; 1 Year Presidential Director, Jonathan Chong & Evelyn Lai; and Executive Brand Director, Samuel Lai and Angie Koh, for their trust, support and partnership.

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