Ho Eileen & Kelvin Cheng

Ho Eileen &
Kelvin Cheng

Blue Diamond Executive

“The Nu Skin Enterprises business is a
sincere business. As long as you work
with sincerity, you can be successful!”

Coming from a wealthy background or being highly educated does not necessarily make one successful. Eileen did not complete her tertiary education whereas Kelvin was one of many that skipped classes. Yet, they have excelled in the Nu Skin Enterprises business, emerging as a new Blue Diamond Executive in only 4 years! While other friends were busy juggling their time between work and the demands of a hectic lifestyle, this loving couple found their direction in life through this business, successfully achieving their goal of time and financial freedom.

Eileen's decision to join the business was met with objections from her family. Even her husband, Kelvin, felt that she had made the wrong career choice. Being a traditional businessman, Kelvin was skeptical about the direct selling business. “Our marriage was affected as a result. But when I saw how committed she was, I began to open up and see the potential of the business.”

“Relying on a traditional business is risky, because you could lose everything you've worked for in the blink of an eye.” This is what prompted Eileen to keep searching for a new business opportunity that she and her husband could do together. It certainly took a lot of courage to let go of the familiar to embrace the new, especially for Kelvin, who had been in the telecommunications business for 13 years.

When asked what the most important element to succeed is, Eileen said, “Dream and belief!” Eileen is thankful for the new life she now leads. Besides enjoying time and financial freedom, she also has the opportunity to spend quality time with her family.

Kelvin is quick to add, “The Nu Skin Enterprises business is a unique business. There is no other company like Nu Skin Enterprises that strives for the best in its business opportunities, innovative products, belief and culture. And most of all, the company believes in giving back to the community. This business has not only led me to the path of success, but I have also learned a lot from my uplines, especially in terms of working with people, and having the right attitude, values and belief.”

Becoming Blue Diamond Executive is the start of a future with bigger dreams and higher goals for Kelvin and Eileen. Their goal is not only to gain success, but to also grow with the team. They also hope to take the direct selling industry to extraordinary heights, by promoting the Force for Good culture and belief to change the public’s perception of the industry.