Hii Ngiik Ghim

Hii Ngiik Ghim

Blue Diamond Executive

“When We Work Hard To Help Our Partners Achieve Their Dreams, We Will Too, Succeed.”

Prior to joining Nu Skin, Ngiik Ghim was a teacher who has contributed to the education department for close to 20 years. She did not have a big dream, nor did she dare to dream.

She drove to school every morning, before sunrise. Besides teaching, she has to manage a lot of documents. The jobs keep repeating themselves, continuously.

“I like basketball, so I took up the duty as the basketball trainer in the school. And it was because of basketball, that I started to have a goal – to become the champion.” said the former educator.

She would stay back for basketball training after school. Though tired, she was happy because she liked it. At night, she would give tuition classes to earn extra income for the family.

“Nu Skin has changed my life tremendously. Now, not only that I dare to dream, I also thought of ways to achieve dream at the shortest time frame,” Ngiik Ghim said.

Now, besides sharing with friends about the Nu Skin products daily, she also helps many people to become healthier and regain their self-esteem. “Nu Skin has greatly improved my lifestyle and helped my family to have a better living.”

“Besides giving us an improved lifestyle, Nu Skin also helped my children to identify their goals and dreams in life. Everyday, they would spend some time to think about their dream before setting their goals,” said the proud mother. “Nu Skin has also taught my children to be more independent and mature.”

Previously, our Blue Diamond Executive mother would need to be there to guide her children in their studies. Without her, they would not care to study at all. But now, with goals and dreams set, the children would know when to study, without needing the push, just a clear communication would do. “In fact, they are doing better than before.”

To start the journey with belief and complete it with persistency. “When we work hard to help our partners to achieve their dreams, we will too, succeed,” motivated our newly crowned Blue Diamond Executive.