Hiew Chui Li

Hiew Chui Li

Executive Brand Director

"Everyone is gifted to achieve their life purpose."


In everything that she does, Chui Li strives to live the life that she has always wanted. No matter if it’s her career or her lifestyle, Chui Li always pursues things that give her joy.


Previously a community pharmacist in UK, Chui Li was working and travelling to her heart’s content at the same time. In order to be closer to her parents and family, she moved back to Malaysia a few years ago which led to great changes in her lifestyle.


“When I returned to Malaysia, I took on a similar job as a pharmacist at a local company. However, I couldn't adapt to the different working culture here as it compromised the lifestyle that I want,” she says.


“Upon getting to know about Nu Skin products and business model, and finally venturing into Nu Skin's business, it really enlightened me that this might be the platform that I could work hard to achieve my goals.” she says.


As someone who thrives on personal growth, Chui Li found that Nu Skin business is also a good platform to nurture her love for learning. One of the most valuable skills that she picked up was Mandarin. Language proficiency aside, Chui Li also honed her leadership skills as well as her interpersonal and communication skills.


When it comes to challenges, rejection from clients is not a big issue to Chui Li as she has learned to maintain a positive attitude and to persevere through the ups and downs of the business. One of the most memorable experiences in her Nu Skin journey was when her husband showed tremendous support even when he was unsure about the business at first. "My husband has been sceptical about this but eventually he began to understand why Nu Skin is such a good business for me. I am grateful that he encouraged me to keep going during one of the lowest points in my journey. He told me that I shouldn’t give up because he has seen how this business makes me happy and gives me the opportunity to qualify for success trips. This is when I realize that if something is right for you and you do it with joy, others will see the positive aspects of it too,” Chui Li shares.

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