Evelyn Giam

Evelyn Giam

Executive Brand Director

"Discover the best version of yourself and be the best that you can be!"


Self-empowerment is the key to Evelyn Giam's achievements in her Nu Skin business. Formerly in the advertising line, Evelyn resigned from her job to take some time off for self-reflection. "Since leaving my job, I have been on the path of self-discovery. Finding my life purpose and looking towards being the best version of myself are important to me." Evelyn shares. "During this time of reflection, I discovered Nu Skin. It was a wonderful synchronicity as not only does this business provide me with the platform to achieve my goals, it has also given me the opportunity to transform myself."


Evelyn was first introduced to Nu Skin when she was looking to manage her weight better. From thereon, she began learning more about company’s product and business opportunity. It was during one of Nu Skin's conventions that she decided to take it on as a business venture. "The inspiring testimonials shared at the convention was an eye-opening experience," Evelyn says. "It was amazing how people could also have the opportunity to succeed in their life. These stories truly inspired me and I was excited by the prospect that I can achieve my goals like these leaders as well."


Evelyn went on to start her Nu Skin journey with passion and an open mind. In the beginning she had a lot to learn. She persevered even though there were many experiences that pushed her out of her comfort zone. One of the challenges was her low self-esteem which caused to doubt if she can be a leader. However, through the support and guidance from her leaders and mentors, she gradually built up the confidence she needed to take her business to greater heights. Recently, she was honoured with the Executive Brand Director title, a significant milestone that encourages her to strive for the next level of accomplishment in the business.


Throughout her journey, one of the most memorable experiences was an incentive trip to Tokyo. While she has been on many similar trips on her own, this was particularly unforgettable because it was a symbol of her achievements in the business. Moreover, she could share the joy with her son by bringing him along. “At this point in my life, I feel really fulfilled, more than I have ever been in my life,” Evelyn reflects. “The real achievement in this business is not just about the leveraged income, the lifestyle or the chance to qualify for success trips but rather the empowering feeling that I have grown as a person. I thank Nu Skin for giving me this opportunity.”

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