Esther Yeoh Siau Think & Low Kee Cheong


Blue Diamond Executive


“It is important, I feel, to share your very own experiences.”


There’s a musical ring to Esther Yeoh’s laugh as she shares about her life and business with Nu Skin. It’s the sound of a confident woman who has some meaningful experiences to share.


Esther and her husband, Kee Cheong used to run a used car dealership for about 10 years. Business was good, and they were beginning a family, but they then realized that 5 to 10 years down the road the future for the used car dealership would not be so great.


Esther is ever grateful to Khing Teck Ming who introduced her to Nu Skin. Her mother-in-law, too, contributed to her success by encouraging her to use her first Nu Skin’s product - ageLOC Galvanic Face Spa and explore the business opportunity. She liked it very much and began to share it with friends and family. The rest they say is history, as seven years down the road, Esther and her husband have qualified as Blue Diamond.


For Esther and Kee Cheong, their family comes first. The decision to join Nu Skin was largely motivated by their children and the need to spend quality time with them, at the same time, to be a positive force in their growth. The couple also saw a long-term opportunity to grow the business such that it could sustain them and eventually give them a leveraged income that would afford them various freedoms.


It is an inspiring life that Esther and Kee Cheong lead, and there’s a spark in the way they talk about their lives. They see inspiration all around them in the shape of uplines, downlines and sidelines, firmly believing that together, they can achieve greater success. Esther speaks particularly of her mentor in Taiwan, Huang Su Chen, 5 Million Dollar Circle Member, 1 year Team Elite Platinum & 11 Year Team Elite: “As a woman, I was seeking a role model that I could connect with and who would understand my personal struggles and challenges. I see her lifestyle and the milestones she achieves, and the fact that she has children too, I know that’s the kind of person I want to be.”


The Nu Skin experience is all about walking the talk. “It is important I feel,” says Esther, “to share your very own experiences. People will connect with the honest sharing and see themselves transformed as well. It is important of course to actually do what you share, and not just say it for the sake of saying it”.  Talking to this couple will make you realize that it is about living with integrity and in honesty.

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