Erik Cheah & Melanie Leow

Erik Cheah & Melanie Leow

Executive Brand Director


“Success is a journey of commitment. It is about creating benefits for all and enjoying the process. If you Focus on this, Success is yours!!”


Erik began his own business at the tender age of 20 years old as his Dream was to retire before he turned 30. He carved a name for himself in the music production industry and owned several businesses in Thailand. After 7 years, he sold his business because he realized he could not achieve his dream towards true freedom but was merely making a profitable living. He embarked on a new journey to forgo chasing material wealth in pursuit of peace and health and traveled to Mexico for an intensive Yoga Teacher Training course.


Melanie was an ordinary employee from the IT industry and Luxury Brands industry. She knew she had to change her life out of working in the corporate, she asked herself what she had accomplished in life that she was proud of, and the answer was: “Nothing!” In pursuit of her desire to live a meaningful life, she quit her job and flew to the U.S. for Yoga Teacher Training.


Erik and Melanie enjoyed their life as Yoga Teachers earning comfortable income, short working hours and stress-free days. They thought life could not be more wonderful! Alas, God had other plans for them. They stumbled upon Nu Skin when they were introduced to the Galvanic Spa and pursued the business seriously when ageLOC® R2 was introduced.


The turning point in our lives was the day we registered for our marriage. A strong realization occurred to me that I must do something for our future ahead. So we decided to fight for Blue Diamond and accomplished it within 8 months,” said Erick, our newly crowned Blue Diamond Executive.


Heartfelt gratitude went to their Mentors 13 Year Team Elite & 20 Million Dollar Circle, Angela Liew & Rayne Ho; 1 Year Team Elite & 1 Million Dollar Circle, Helen Ng; Blue Diamond Executive & 1 Million Dollar Circle, Desmond Teoh & Christine Khor, Blue Diamond Executive, Andy Wong & Annie Woo; Blue Diamond Executive, Michelle Wong as well as their supportive sidelines and team for trusting in them. Special thanks to 20 Million Dollar Circle, Kaneko Katsumi for his inspiring speech about Dreams during the Southeast Asia Regional Convention in 2012. It was that moment Erik’s childhood dream flashed back to him and how Nu Skin could turn any dream into reality. Erik and Melanie are believers in the power of Dreams as this is what propels them to achieve greater heights in Nu Skin. As long as you truly love what you do and do what you love, you will wholeheartedly enjoy this journey of success.


“Never underestimate the power of dreams. If you can dream it you can do it!”

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