Elkay Wong Lai Kew

Elkay Wong Lai Kew

Executive Brand Director


“99% of success is built on former failure. Never give up on what you know you really should do.”


Elkay reminisced the occasion when her upline Ms. Lim Siang Joo walked into her perfume shop to show her the Nu Skin opportunity. She decided to try the products first to see if they were effective and she was amazed with the results observed. Nu Skin’s concept of “All of the Good, None of the Bad” convinced her.


Elkay discovered that the network marketing business is not only an opportunity to achieve a successful lifestyle i.e. flexibility to arrange time for work and family, supplemental income and good health, it is also a platform that enables her to better herself in developing traits and virtues within her that are not fully developed. 


Prior to joining the Nu Skin business, Elkay was a Chartered Secretary and ran a perfumery shop in Malacca. She first started the Nu Skin business opportunity on a part-time basis. Her perception of herself and the world changed when the death of a family member made her realize that life is like a mist, it appears for a little while and then it disappears... Elkay accepted Christ and was baptized in 2004. She decided to go full-time into the Nu Skin business because she understood it would take time to grow spiritually and re-equip herself to be successful in this business.


To support her growing business, Elkay’s upline Siang Joo helped by diligently passing down a duplicable success model through self-learning materials and providing the right training environment for the team to excel. The Pharmanex 6S Quality Process helped Elkay distribute scientifically proven products with integrity while the Nourish the Children™ initiative enabled her to give and bless others, a virtue that she developed along the way. Speaking of the rich environment of growth that makes the Nu Skin business different from the rest, Elkay said, “Embrace it and share it with others. It is more blessed to give than to receive.”


Today, Elkay is more confident and a happier person. Looking back, Elkay finds that there are many good things that have come out from her journey to Executive Brand Director. One that amazes her is her personal growth and acquisition of knowledge of leadership skills which she will be able to put to good use to help others help themselves. The other is her trust and reliance on the Lord that has become deeper since her involvement in the business.


Elkay is deeply thankful to her sponsor Circle of Excellence I, Lim Siang Joo & Lee Kah Seng for their focus and commitment. Special thanks to Circle of Excellence IV, 5 Year Team Elite Platinum & 27 Year Team Elite, Mr. & Mrs. Wang K’uan Ming. Her heartfelt thanks to her downlines (business partners) for their determination and resourcefulness to create a better lifestyle for themselves and finally, to all the support staff of Nu Skin Malaysia and Singapore and sidelines of One Nu Skin family.

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