Dr. Axellel Shee

Dr. Axellel Shee

Executive Brand Director


"Make your life a masterpiece."


Fear can get in the way of success. But for Dr. Axellel Shee, she has learned to change her paradigm about fear as a negative experience into using fear as a source of motivation to reach greater success. Prior to Nu Skin, Dr. Shee was a naturopathic doctor with a PhD in Holistic Natural Medicine. While she was doing well in her line of work, she was ready to take on new challenges and reach new levels of success in her life. Thus, she decided to pursue a second PhD.


However, despite her best efforts to ensure a healthy lifestyle amid her hectic schedule, her workload inadvertently affected her diet, which led to excess weight. While seeking out an effective weight management, she got to know about Nu Skin's ageLOC TR90 program. At first, she was sceptical about ageLOC TR90, but after doing in-depth research and getting solid data about the product's efficacy, she decided to give it a try and glad that she could benefit from it.


Her encouraging experience with Nu Skin products made her see Nu Skin in a different light. She was also curious about the business platform and started to learn more about Nu Skin's business model. After getting first-hand understanding on what Nu Skin could offer, she made up her mind to do Nu Skin business.


"Ever since I made the firm decision to venture into Nu Skin, I notice incredible changes in myself," Dr. Shee shares. "I feel healthier and younger. I am also happier because I have learned to connect better with people and form meaningful relationships. This business platform has also taught me a lot about exceptional leadership and nurturing a team."


Challenges in her Nu Skin journey have also pushed her to become a more fearless entrepreneur. "I fully take charge of my life and my success. I choose not to play it safe. Instead, I embrace the stress that comes along, stretch myself and find the best solution to achieve success. Stress, stretch and solutions: these are my keys to success." Her success formula has led her towards achieving the Executive Brand Director title – something that she has been working extremely hard to accomplish.


Dr. Shee adds that fulfilment in her Nu Skin work also comes from helping others to improve their health and their lives. "I do this to uplift people. I want everyone to have the opportunity to work hard to achieve their goals. I believe that anything is possible, and everybody can be an inspiration,” she says. "You just need to wake the giant inside to reveal the true you. Conquer fear and turn fear into faith that you can achieve your goals. Also, always have unconditional gratitude for everything in your life."

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