Datin Suliana Shamsuddin, Alysha Zaid & Zarif Jaflus

Datin Suliana Shamsuddin; Alysha Zaid & Zarif Jaflus

Executive Brand Director

"It’s not about whether you can or cannot do; it’s about being willing to do it."

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much,” the famous author Helen Keller once said. This inspirational quote profoundly reflects how Datin Suliana along with her daughter, Alysha Zaid and her son-in law Zarif Jaflus approached their Nu Skin business. Throughout their Nu Skin journey, hard work, dedication, commitment, good teamwork and the willingness to go for what they want are the keys to this trio's success in achieving the Executive Brand Director title.


While their Nu Skin business is a new venture for them, Datin Suliana has already been using Nu Skin products for a few years. Thus, she knows the quality and efficacy of the products very well. When her cousins, who are now their uplines, approached her to explore Nu Skin from a business perspective, she felt it was the right time to give it a shot. Coincidentally Alysha and Zarif were also looking for new business opportunities. Nu Skin appealed to them because of the products as well the company’s benevolent approach. After discussing with one another, the three of them decided to take up the Nu Skin opportunity together.


"Before considering Nu Skin as a business venture, we were using ageLOC TR90 to manage our weight better. We loved it as it helped us achieve our weight goals,” says Alysha. "This led us to see the potential of Nu Skin products, and so we decided to venture into the business with my mother."


For many years, Alysha has been helping Datin Suliana manage her charity foundation as Communications & Fund Raising Executive. Thus, getting into a Nu Skin business venture with her mother was a good move as they are already comfortable working with each other. Along with Zarif, a civil engineer who is passionate about the business, the trio makes the "dream team".


"Working as a team allows us to draw on each other's best strengths," says Zarif. "It keeps us determined and focused on our goals. Once we set our goals, we take massive action to ensure we reach them."


Business achievements aside, the three of them also appreciate how the business cultivates personal growth. "We have learned so much in this business. For example, building a network, reaching out to people and enhancing our public speaking skills," Alysha shares. "We have become more confident in terms of leading our team members, dealing with different personalities and being patient and kind to everyone."


Notwithstanding the difficulties, they made it work by their commitment to invest their whole selves into working towards their goals and seeking advice from their mentors when they encounter any problems.


"We are fortunate to have our mentors and uplines guiding and supporting us. Thanks to Senior Brand Directors, Dr Maznita & Pn Maznida; Executive Brand Director, Pn Sharifah Julina; Executive Brand Director, Miss Chan Bao Ling and Circle of Excellence I & 4 Year Team Elite, Chan Bao Yan and Alan Tan for your support and assistance. A big thank you to all of you for continuously being there for us!”


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