Darius Tan & Josephine Lo

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Executive Brand Director


“We can always do more, and BE a force for good.”


Darius Tan wanted to transform his life. He had been working many years as an engineer but he knew deep down that if he continued on this path, his dreams of financial freedom and early retirement would come to naught. Darius and his wife Josephine Lo, former hotelier, knew that business was one way to go – but what kind of business? They juggled with the idea of opening a café and even a bridal studio, but those required large investments and certainly bigger risk.


A colleague approached him about the Nu Skin’s weight management program TRA, and Darius and his wife became hooked – not just with the products they were consuming, but the way the entire Nu Skin business is run. Six and half years down the road and this couple have achieved Blue Diamond Executive, which they are very excited about. But what stands out with Darius and Josephine is the fact that they are also very grateful that they were able to go through this long journey, though with some challenges, where with persistence they made it to the table of success.


“Our upline really inspires us with his lifestyle and the fact that he spends time with his family, and travels around the world. What is more encouraging and inspiring is that we can achieve success, together with our business partners. It is certainly the goal that Josephine and I hope to achieve,” says Darius. “That is what keeps us focused.”


Darius and Josephine, and the team that surround them are not resting on their laurels. The next target for them is to achieve Team Elite, and then Million Dollar Circle in 2017. The couple finds that they are able to share about their transformation and how changing one’s life is possible because they are backed by such great Nu Skin products. Darius’ favorite product is the ageLOC series with its leading edge technology that is safe and effective.


“The innovative products, our own stories and the transformations we have witnessed in the lives of people we have sponsored keep us going. People have regained their confidence and healthier bodies. We see a lot of hope and transformations in the future,” says Darius.


For Darius and Josephine, the future is in indeed bright as they live lives of integrity, more so because they are willing to go out there and share the good that they have experienced, touching and saving more lives.

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