Chuah Hui Koon & Dr Tan Chun Khui

Chuah Hui Koon & Dr Tan Chun Khui

Executive Brand Director

"Doing your best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment!"


When you put your best foot forward, what follows will be the best too. It’s this way of thinking that propels new Executive Brand Directors, Chuah Hui Koon and Dr. Tan Chun Khui to be on top of their game in their Nu Skin business.


Hui Koon was previously a software engineer manager while her husband, Dr. Tan is an established urologist. Both of them were enjoying stable income and respectable positions in their careers, but Hui Koon was constantly tired because of her long and inflexible working hours. This led her to revisit the Nu Skin opportunity that was offered by her friend, Angie Ng, who is now her upline – one that she rejected because she was not ready yet. After learning more about the products and business, Hui Koon and Dr. Tan began to see it as a feasible platform to create the lifestyle they truly desired.


It was Dr. Tan who encouraged Hui Koon to go for it as he understood the advantage of having a leveraged income. "As a urologist, I have to perform surgeries. Thus, my hands are very important, and should I injure myself one day, there goes my income too. This is the reason why I see the importance of leveraged income and Nu Skin gives us the perfect platform to acquire it," he shares.


It was a rewarding decision to fully embark on a Nu Skin business, as from that point on it paved the way towards a fulfilling life for them. While a lot of hard work, commitment, emotional maturity and persistence were required to overcome challenges and achieve their business goals, all the obstacles they faced along the way didn't hinder them from doing their best.


All these culminated into a form of personal growth, especially for Hui Koon who became more resilient and confident over the years. "Before I joined Nu Skin, I cared too much about what others think of me. Now I understand you have to focus on what truly matters," she says. "This business has also opened my eyes to female leadership and entrepreneurship.”


Having recently achieved the New Executive Brand Directors title, Hui Koon and Dr. Tan are looking forward to helping more people with transforming their lives. “We are grateful for the help and guidance that we have received from our uplines - Circle of Excellence I, 2 Year Team Elite Platinum & 6 Year Team Elite, Willing Tan and KC Kang and Executive Brand Director, Angie Ng who have made our Nu Skin journey a smoother and more pleasant process,” the couple says. “We would also like to thank the members of Circle Of Excellence as well as our family for their unceasing support and encouragement.”

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