Ching Wei & Dion Wong

Ching Wei & Dion Wong

Executive Brand Director


"Go all out for your dreams, be courageous to pursue them!"


Driven by a strong desire to achieve success, Ching Wei and Dion Wong refuse to let anything stop them from reaching their goals. Prior to Nu Skin, Ching Wei was an electronic engineer while Dion worked for a computer company. They love their job, but the couple wanted more flexibility to arrange their time and the opportunity to earn leveraged income.


When they got to know about Nu Skin, they saw the potential of Nu Skin's products, especially ageLOC TR90 and how there was a feasible market for it. They were excited about the business opportunity, but they were not ready to fully venture into it at first as they felt they lacked the skills and network to do it well. So, they took it up on a part-time basis, which gave them more time to familiarize with the company’s product and technology as well as build a foundation for their business. When their business started to take off, they felt more confident to do it on a full-time basis. Thus, they took the leap and went into Nu Skin full-time.


As they do not have marketing experience and a social network in the beginning, it was not easy and they knew they had to work harder than most people to make their business work. Ching Wei and Dion persevered, knowing that all the time and energy spent on their Nu Skin business would be worth it in the end – and it did. The couple has just achieved Nu Skin's Executive Brand Director status which marks an important milestone in their business.


"All our hard work has come to fruition. Nu Skin has truly brought us more possibilities and more flexibility to spend time with our loved ones," the couple shares. "While we enjoy having leveraged income from this business, we realize that happiness does not only come from own achievements, but also from the people that we have helped along the way. With Nu Skin, we can help others while improving our own lifestyle – this is what makes it so fulfilling. We also love working with our dynamic team and helping each other reach greater success."


Over the years, Ching Wei and Dion's Nu Skin journey has been a continuous learning process. When they encountered any difficulties in their business, it never crossed their mind to give up. Instead, they kept looking for new ways or finding new solutions to resolve their problems.


"We all fall and fail, but we choose to never give up," the couple says. "When things get tough, we always remind ourselves of our original intention of doing Nu Skin – to achieve a better life. This turns our focus back to what matters most, giving us the strength and passion to keep going."


Ching Wei and Dion would like to thank their mentors, Circle of Excellence I, 2 Year Team Elite Platinum & 9 Year Team Elite, Evelyn Lai and Jonathan Chong for their continuous support and encouragement as they continue to grow and meet a better version of themselves.

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