Che Siew Fen & Yeow Mie Xi

Che Siew Fen & Yeow Mie Xi

Executive Brand Director


“We grow great by dream!”


“This statement stayed fondly in my mind after hearing it from a cassette that my parents listened to when I was a kid,” our Executive Brand Director explained how this statement made him understand that we must live with a dream.


Before joining Nu Skin, Siew Fen was teaching in a primary school for more than 9 years. During these years in the education line, she kept discovering the hidden potential of her students and encouraged them to work hard towards achieving their dreams. Having done so, she realized that she was drifting farther and farther away from her childhood dream. She started to reconsider about her direction in life.


Michelle on the other hand, was still a student in the university. She was very different from Siew Fen in terms of what they want in life. She did not have a desired dream since young and did not have a direction in life because she was well contented. Her parents love to exercise, therefore, they have been cultivating her to become a badminton player since young.


With sufficient and good training, she was selected by the Malaysia Badminton Association and had a chance to continue her study at Bukit Jalil Training School. During her days there, she did nothing but practiced to improve her badminton skill. After 5 years, she became very timid and poor in socializing. After she heard of the Nu Skin business, she realized that she needed a change.


That was how our Executive Brand Director got together to start up the Nu Skin business. They started the business with nothing - no sales experience, no network and no strong financial support from family. Because of these, there were a lot of challenges, especially when they were qualifying for the Executive Brand Director. But none of these challenges could stop them from achieving their goal. “In fact, we grew stronger with greater breakthrough! The greatest gift we have received from Nu Skin is that it taught us to strive for our dream with courage and molded us to own the mindset and mentality of the Winners!”


They would like to thank you for the encouragement and support offered by their parents, family and friends who had supported them along their Nu Skin journey. “For us to be able to get to where we are today – achieving the Executive Brand Director, we would like to give thanks to our uplines for leading us towards the goal and are always leading in example. We are also grateful to our downlines who have trusted us and all the sidelines for their support and assistance. Last but not least, we would also like to thank the staff of Nu Skin who have in one way or another, contributed to our success.”

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