Chaw Ching Wah & Yong Siew Lan

Chaw Ching Wah & Yong Siew Lan

Executive Brand Director


“The greatest crisis is having no crisis awareness at all.”


We are not lazy and we always give our best at work. Yet we are constantly baffled to see the working class plagued with financial problems after their retirement, and their children suffer the same fate. We believe that being an employee is not the right way out.


After all, today’s superiority is easily supplanted by tomorrow’s trend. A friend of mine, who was a high-ranking officer, was fired because of the inevitable trend of cheap labour. Even some old giants were washed away due to their sluggishness to adapt to changes. Life operates in the same way. Yet a lot of people who are aware of eminent crisis still procrastinate their actions until the problems snowball into an intractable state.


Nu Skin is a market leader. It started with one of the first to introduce natural moisturiser in 1984, and is now into ageLOC®, a highly advanced product. Well-recognised by international media and corporations alike, Nu Skin has been hailed as the ‘Apple Company’ in the anti-aging realm.  Nu Skin is the forerunner of future trends, so there is no worry of going into oblivion later. 


Nu Skin product formulae “all of the good, none of the bad”. Its ‘6S Quality Process’ surpasses even the highest standards and comply with all relevant government requirements. Such high standards inevitably instil exceptional confidence when we talk to people about Nu Skin products. Its safe products of exceptional quality have made our mission a worthwhile pursuit.


Nu Skin’s empire stretches far and wide, much wider than what we can imagine. It is the leader in anti-aging and weight management business. China is a big market, but it would be difficult to go at it with conventional marketing. But Nu Skin has made it! It has enabled people like us, with no solid background, to participate in the business. What’s more, our results today can be accumulated to the next generation.


To become a Executive Brand Director, we only need to focus on our goals. However, some people tend to focus on the problems, and they ride on the emotion roller coaster and do not achieve anything great instead. Being grateful will bestow great power, but whining spreads like a virus and will only bring undesirable effects.


When you are enjoying leveraged income and the flexibility to arrange time for work and family, it is wise to look into your inner self and seek more meaningful achievements. Isn’t it a wonderful thing to see someone who has lost hopes becomes positive and aggressive again, and wins back the respect of his friends and family members? Life becomes valuable when we achieve success and help others to succeed along the way. Let’s continue to walk down this way to realise all the best values in life—truth, compassion and beauty!


I am eternally grateful to my family and my uplines Circle of Excellence III, 3 Year Team Elite Platinum & 11 Year Team Elite, Ong Gee & Jenny Ding; Circle of Excellence IV, 6 Year Team Elite Platinum & 20 Year Team Elite, Angela Liew and Rayne Ho. They are our role models. Thank you for all your guidance and support.

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