Chan Bao Ling

Chan Bao Ling

Executive Brand Director


“Success is defined by how many lived we have transformed.”


This pair of sisters, despite being 12 years apart, was convinced that Nu Skin is the only platform that could help them to achieve leveraged income and time flexibility. Bao Ling, the older sister, decided to leave her career in the finance industry in Hong Kong and return to Malaysia after being away for 10 years to begin her new chapter in life. Younger sister Yuan She who was also working in the finance industry in Malaysia gave her sister all the support she can offered.


Begin with a belief and persist till the end! This is what they used to describe their Nu Skin journey thus far. “While we had a hunch that the platform will answer all our needs, but it was still the unconditional guidance and belief from our uplines that have made us stay on and fight to become an Executive Brand Director,” explained our Executive Brand Director.


“We would like to extend our gratitude to Circle of Excellence IV & 13 Year Presidential Director, Angela Liew & Rayne Ho; Circle of Excellence II & 5 Year Presidential Director, Ong Gee & Jenny Ding and Circle of Excellence II & 5 Year Presidential Director, Lilian Ong for their insights and guidance. Special thanks goes to our direct sponsor Executive Brand Director, Bao Yan Chan & Alan Tan for their unconditional support,” said our new Leader. They would also like to thank their parents for being supportive in their new quest away from the finance industry. Last but not least, they also thanked their downlines for accepting them as the leaders of the group despite being younger in age.


The quest to becoming an Executive Brand Director is filled with challenges but it was through these challenges that they have grown to become better persons and have developed true friendship with their uplines, downlines and sidelines. Incentive trips and other material goods have become less meaningful to them as they feel a strong mission to help more people to improve their quality of lives. To them, success is now being defined by how many lives they have transformed.

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