Amy Ku

Amy Ku

Executive Brand Director


“Belief, faith, persistence, willingness to learn, dream building, determination and action are the keys towards success in the Nu Skin business.”


Before joining the Nu Skin business, Amy Ku worked as a teacher during her younger days and later ventured into politics. She had thought of running a business of her own. However, doing a multi-level marketing business has never crossed her mind. She once said, this was never her cup of tea, as she did not understand the nature of the business. She remained an avid user of Nu Skin products initially and chose to do the Nu Skin business casually just so in order to be able to use its products.


Many years ago, she was invited to a Nu Skin Success Seminar by her sponsor and it proved to be an eye opener for her. From the vision of the Nu Skin company, 6S quality process of its products, solid company background, rewarding compensation plan and above all, its Force for Good culture that touched her heart and soul. Renewed with a brand new vision in her life, she decides to do the Nu Skin business full time.


She worked very hard and along the way, countless obstacles were faced. Its common challenges were revolving around typical rejections from close friends, family and acquaintances. Immediate results were not there. However, due to proper mentoring from uplines, Amy Ku built personal character quality and treats every single challenge as merely hurdles that one is required to cross while journeying towards success. Belief, faith, persistence, willingness to learn, dream building, determination and action are the keys towards success in the Nu Skin business.


Not forgetting the incentives received while doing the Nu Skin business, Amy also noticed that she looks younger and healthier after using Nu Skin products!


“I would like to thank all uplines for all their support and guidance all this while. Thanks to sidelines too, for their encouragement and to Circle of Excellence IV, 6 Year Team Elite Platinum & 20 Year Team Elite, Angela Liew & Rayne Ho; and Executive Brand Director, Kho Tad Seng who introduced me to Nu Skin. And also a special appreciation goes to my beloved husband, Sah Tee for his understanding and support!”

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