Alex Chow @ Chiew Hoon Nam & Lim Chuay Chuay

Alex Chow @
Chiew Hoon Nam &
Lim Chuay Chuay

Blue Diamond Executive

“Ups and downs are learning blocks for
future success.”

It comes as no surprise that Chiew Hoon Nam gets along well with people because he possesses an easy going nature which puts people at ease. It’s also a trait that gives him the competitive edge in a people business like Nu Skin Enterprises.

Hoon Nam relishes the opportunity this business has given him to learn more about other people’s behavior and his own abilities. “This business does not only teach us how to succeed, but guides us to become an example by doing our best by educating and caring for others. Through this process, I’ve also learned to manage my emotions and people relationships better.”

Being part of a wealth creating business has its own share of challenges. Rather than be deterred, Hoon Nam was quick to use them as learning blocks to work his way up in the business. “I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs in this business. These experiences have been great instructors and they have led me from doubting the business to believing in it. Although direct selling isn’t any easier compared to other traditional businesses, the rewards one can attain from it are definitely way more valuable and meaningful.”

Formerly from the insurance industry, Hoon Nam was attracted to Nu Skin Enterprises’ philosophy of being a Force for Good, its 5% commission payout to 6 generations and the platform that the company has built to develop a globalized business. “With Nu Skin Enterprises!, a successful life of time, financial and health freedom is just steps away,” says Hoon Nam who looks forward to building his business into a life-long career.

“I’d like to thank my parents, all my partners and uplines for their support, and Nu Skin Enterprises for the opportunity to grow and enjoy a better lifestyle. Add Nu Skin Enterprises into you life and put your life into Nu Skin Enterprises. Let’s get ready for a better and brighter future together! Always remember, one can only be great with a mighty dream!”