Wendy Chong


Circle of Excellence I  & 1 Year Presidential Director


“It’s not the ability and capability that determine one’s success, but his attitude and behavior!”


Prior to joining Nu Skin, Wendy lived a leisure life as a painting teacher. In her peaceful, quiet days, she was seeking for opportunity for a change. Prof. Tan Teck, on the other hand, devoted his time in the education industry. In fact, that was how fate connected him with 13 Year Presidential Director & Circle of Excellence IV, Angela Liew & Rayne Ho who recommended the Nu Skin business to him.


In building the Nu Skin business, they admitted that their understanding and learning abilities were slower than others. Nevertheless, they were filled with confident, preserving their dreams while believing in a popular statement that says: “Making the Right Decision is more important than working hard”. “We are lucky to have made the right decision in selecting our uplines and the company. There were too many hidden potentials in them. With strong persistency and no limits set, they continue to breakthrough and grow as they continue to train and cultivate us towards the journey to success. We are truly grateful for this,” said our new Circle of Excellence I in gratitude.


Wendy’s family is also deeply benefited by Nu Skin. Because of Nu Skin, a normal mother now has a chance to join all the successful Sales Leaders to enjoy the VIP overseas tour offered by the company. “Besides, when my family’s health was closing the red line, we were grateful that we knew about the Nu Skin products and were able to help in sustaining their health. Prior to Nu Skin, we thought that miracles only happen to others and we doubted the chances of it happening to ourselves. But after 10 years in the Nu Skin business, we truly agreed that the products speak for themselves,” confirmed Prof. Tan Teck. With Nu Skin business opportunity and the quality products, their family members did not only received the best treatment plan and companion, but are more energized and healthier than ever after the recovery. “Our doctor, relatives and friends were also shocked to witness the transformation in us. Making the right decision in coming into the Nu Skin business confirmed our decision for our future. It leads us to a longer, more stable and quality life.”


They would like to thank all their partners in the business. “Thank you for being there with us, making our Nu Skin journey more colorful. Thank you.”

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