To Lay San


Circle of Excellence I & 4 Year Presidential Director


“Be courageous and bold in pursuing your dream!”


With her heart set towards a bright future, To Lay San knew she had to choose a different path in life to achieve her life goals. There were many difficulties in her work that was beginning to take a toll on her, and she realized that she was still nowhere closer to her goals. It was at this time she decided to take up Nu Skin as a business venture once and for all.


"Even though it was a big decision to venture into a new business from scratch, I knew it would be all worth it. This was not just for realizing my own goals, it was also for the sake of my family. I believe in life there is one thing that cannot be delayed and that is enjoying sweet success with my family. Delaying achieving my goals will only depreciate the impact it brings."


It was not an easy transition returning to Malaysia to pursue her Nu Skin business as her network was very small. But Lay San persevered and diligently shared the products and built her business one day at a time. Her source of inspiration and motivation came from her family and her team. On the homefront, she was determined to give her family the best life possible. In her work, she was dedicated to sell good products to her customers and strived to build up her team as well as helping them to achieve their goals.


"I am grateful I have team partners who are willing to work together. This pushes me to go further and overcome any challenges we encounter along the way," Lay San says.


All the hard work, dedication and long hours culminated into a worthwhile experience. Today, Lay San's Nu Skin business is thriving, and she is thrilled to achieve her first Circle of Excellence (COE) title which she considers to be one of the most important milestones in her Nu Skin journey. However, this is just the beginning for her. It was also now more important than ever to find value in herself.


"I believe one should never underestimate the influence he or she has on others, even if it’s small," she says, adding that she is highly inspired by Nu Skin’s mission of Force For Good, where we empower people to improve lives with rewarding business opportunities, innovative products, and an enriching, uplifting culture.


Amid the excitement of achieving this title, Lay San would like to thank her family who has always had her back. When things got tough, they were there to support Lay San so she could care for her children and manage her Nu Skin business at the same time.


Moving forward, Lay San is determined to continue to fight for the Circle Of Excellence II title as she leads her team to fight for their goals and objectives. She aims to create achievement beyond just personal satisfaction; she also wants to do it for the honour and pride of the entire team.

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