Tan Swee Kim


Circle of Excellence I & Executive Brand Director


“Serve with integrity, act with persistence.”


Swee Kim was born ordinary. After completed her ACCA studies, she started a nine to five accountancy job in a local firm.


A question from Circle of Excellence III, Emily Yap & Chua Syer Cin: “If you continue doing what you do for the next five to ten years, are you able to have allocate time for your family?” Got her thinking.


It was Nu Skin’s mission: “… empowering people to improve lives” that attracted her.


Swee Kim did not have good people skill. Her former colleagues used to say that she was the last one who can survive the direct selling business. But with a pure and truthful heart, she focused on the products and business and worked on it with all her mind and soul.


“When you know what you really want in life, you will be willing to make any changes to learn and grow, to become a better person,” said our new Circle of Excellence. To Swee Kim, her family is her driver. “However to many business partners, their families have become a struggle instead of an encouragement.”


Swee Kim believes that making the right decision is more important than just working hard. Choosing the right platform and company have made who Swee Kim is today. For this, she would want to thank her family for their trust and support and the committed of Nu Skin’s staff members, “Thank you my trainer, my uplines, Circle of Excellence IV, 6 Year Team Elite Platinum & 20 Year Team Elite, Angela Liew & Rayne Ho; Circle of Excellence III, 3 Year Team Elite Platinum & 11 Year Team Elite, Ong Gee & Jenny Ding; Circle of Excellence III, 3 Year Team Elite Platinum & 12 Year Team Elite, Lilian Ong; Circle of Excellence II, 1 Year Team Elite Platinum & 4 Year Team Elite, Koh Yeok Choo & Yap Peck Kong, Circle of Excellence III, 2 Year Team Elite Platinum & 11 Year Team Elite, Emily Yap & Chua Syer Cin; and the encouragement and friendship from my sidelines and trust and love from my business partners. Thank you for helping me understand that it’s not how great the  achievement was, but how many people we have helped to achieve their success that counts.”


Nu Skin is a platform for those who are willing to make changes for their family. Becoming a Circle of Excellence has enhanced Swee Kim’s duties and responsibilities in introducing this life transforming opportunity to many more. 

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