Shirley Tan & Jenny See

Shirley Tan & Jenny See

Circle of Excellence I & Executive Brand Director

“With dreams, we succeed. To succeed, we strive! Making the right decision is more important than working hard!”


Having a keen desire to own the freedom they wished to have, and living an exciting and colorful lifestyle, Shirley and Jenny made the decision to join hands in building the Nu Skin business. Today, they are living their dream - the lifestyle of Nu Skin Circle of Excellence , breaking the chain of fate for being just a general clerk, and leaving behind the hectic lifestyle of a F&B owner, embracing the freedom they longed for. “Every industry and business requires hard work and eff ort. There is no short cuts and easy ways out! Understanding that, it is only right that we put all our eff ort and hard work into a business that can bring optimum results,” explains Shirley.


“Working a 9 to 5 job, I seemed to have lost my direction and unsure of my future, so I seek high and low, for an opportunity that can change it. Nu Skin’s potential has captured my attention and I decided to hold on to the opportunity and strive towards succeed! Success does not come of a decision alone, but needs to be combined with action,” Jenny who came from a humble background, spending little time in school, understands how uncertain life could be even when she was young. With a determined goal, she decided to strive in the Nu Skin business with Shirley. Today, she is able to change not only her own future, but her family’s too!


Through hard work, the persevered team has realized their dream, to live a leisure lifestyle. There were a lot of challenges during their early days, but they have learned to brave through and move on, thus the key contribution to their success. Jenny advises: “Believe in what you see, and work at it! Nu Skin is, in fact, the real platform to succeed. The 5% 6 generation’s compensation plan and your uplines are here to support you! Learn to breakthrough and realize your weakness when challenges and trials hit. Focus on your direction and goals. Wisdom is accumulated from every lesson learned.”


Closely bonded, this business partner believes that the success of the team is greater than their own achievements. It is Nu Skin’s Force For Good culture that changed their views and life philosophies, opening their hearts to share this rewarding business opportunity with others.


“We would like to thank everyone that we have met in life - those who have believed in us; those who have distrusted us; Those who have loved us, as well as those who have rejected us. To us, all of them are our angels. Moving on, we would also like to thank Nu Skin and Circle of Excellence IV, Mr. & Mrs. Wang Kuan Ming, Circle of Excellence Mr. & Mrs. See Kwang Seng for their leadership. Last but not least, a big thank you to our family members for their encouragement and support, all of our business partners for their trust, and our sidelines for the motivation they have given us,” said Jenny and Shirley gratefully.


Qualified as Nu Skin Circle of Excellence, they have already had their next goal - to become Circle of Excellence II set! While fighting to qualify for the next personal milestone, they have also promised their business partners to train up Circle of Excellence III members in the next three year, helping more business partners to achieve their dreams. “We become great because of dreams! Every great entrepreneurs are dreamers!”

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