See Kwang Seng & Liew Kim Eng


Circle of Excellence I & 5 Year Team Elite

"Making the right choice is more important than hard work!" – See Kwang Seng

"Always be sincere and treat others sincerely." – Liew Kim Eng


See Kwang Seng and Liew Kim Eng have been with Nu Skin Enterprises for many years. They have stayed with the company for this long because of the Force for Good culture. Through this international business, good products and attractive commission, the couple has managed to help numerous families to change their healthcare condition and assist them to have a better life. “We help them achieve their dreams and gain flexibility in life!” said the couple.


After joining the Nu Skin business, the couple aimed for leveraged income because they believed that with financial stability, one has better and wider options of taking care of one’s health, and thus able to enjoy a happy and abundant life.


The couple loves the Nu Skin Enterprises environment because it is a sincere big family. “If you want your business to be a success, you have to be sincere and treat others sincerely.” The couple ties this to a philosophy they strongly believe in, “we want to see our team succeed as much as we want to succeed. Because when they succeed, we succeed. In the end, we will all enjoy the fruits of success as a team.” This principle of doing business is what enables these leaders to build a win-win situation.


“Let’s achieve the 2010 target together, stay healthy and be happy!” We would like to take this opportunity to thank Blake M. Roney, Chairman of the Board and Founder of Nu Skin Enterprises, and Circle of Excellence IV, 5 Year Team Elite Platinum & 27 Year Team Elite, Wang K’uan Ming & Chen Ming Chu for this enlightening experience and their guidance. We would also like to express our appreciation to our business partners and family members for their support. See you at the top!”

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