Samuel Lai & Connie Lai

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Circle of Excellence I & 4 Year Presidential Director


“True joy comes from helping those who wish to transform their lives.”


Completing their Presidential Director title qualification for a consecutive four years, Samuel and Connie Lai have achieved time and financial flexibility, built their own happy family, and owning colorful and exciting lifestyles by helping others.


Recalling the moments when they started their Nu Skin journey, former Management Executive, Samuel admitted that he is a simple and direct person. Despite challenges, he always keeps a sincere, grateful heart with a determined belief to succeed when he was opening a new market and facing trials and tests. “When we give thanks in all situations, we would be blessed with joy and wealth. Either during good times or struggling hours, we need to be grateful as everything happens for a reason,” says Samuel who is now a leader with great wisdom and care.  


Connie, on the other hand, is more blessed. With every family member operating the Nu Skin business, she just has to follow the footsteps of her brother and sister when she decided to start her Nu Skin journey during university years. Comparing to her peers, she had an earlier start in life, with the goal to achieve her dream. Through Nu Skin business, she has grown and developed herself into becoming a mature lady with great vision, equipped with good communication skill, flexibility in handling matters, and owning wide exposure from different parts of the world. Together with her family members, they shine under the limelight glamorously at every Nu Skin’s events. 


To Samuel and Connie, Nu Skin is not just any ordinary occupation, but a part of their lives. For now, their dreams and goals are not limited to their own achievements, but to help others too. “At where we are today, we just want to share our journey and achievements with others, helping more to succeed, allowing them to obtain freedom and financial flexibility,” clarifies the brother-sister team. Samuel sees life as an open book, with a goal to transform more lives and witness the growths and changes in every individual he has helped along the way. With patience and caring love, the siblings pledge to Lead by Example with open and forgiving hearts, helping every one to succeed.


Qualifying for the Presidential Director title once again, Samuel and Connie are grateful to their uplines, Evelyn Lai & Jonathan Chong, and the support from their business partners and family members. Setting their next business goal to become Nu Skin’s next Circle of Excellence, with full passion and faith, they vow: “We want to help more distributors to be like us, to achieve success, and welcome a better and brighter future hands in hands.”

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