Monica Lam & Ambassador Haron


Circle of Excellence I & 3 Year Team Elite

“Build A Team and The Team Builds your Success.”


With their combined successful careers in business and diplomacy, Monica Lam Haron and Ambassador Haron are no strangers to achievement. By the age of 23, Monica already owned her first business. With her strategic business mind and willingness to take risk, Monica would sniff out trends and establish enterprises accordingly leading to the founding of businesses in fields as diverse as manufacturing, construction, real-estate, F & B, and hospitality.


However, building and managing businesses is certainly no walk in the park. Owning a hotel in the upmarket Bukit Bintang area ensured handsome returns on investment, but also brought added cost to her health. Monica developed numerous health complaints in the course of building her businesses. ln her search for health and wellness, she was introduced to Nu Skin by her upline Circle of Excellence, Vivian lee in Hong Kong.


Having experienced both Traditional Business and Nu Skin Business, she is convinced that Nu Skin Business model is the way to go. Other than Nu Skin’s innovative products, as a business woman, Monica sees the advantage of the company in terms of stability of cash flow. “Nu Skin has very good cash flow. This is not the case in many businesses, where you have to scramble to pay your staffs and suppliers.”


Monica also relishes the Nu Skin culture of giving through Force For Good (FFG), she has been an Honorary Board member of the Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Fund for years, a role which she is very dedicated to. Through the partnership with National Heart lnstitut of Malaysia (IJN), Nu Skin and its sales leaders have helped more than 6,600 underprivileged children born with congenital heart diseases. Yet another achievement Monica is suitably proud of.


With its rewarding business model, unmatched products and inspiring culture, Monica has finally found a “business home” in Nu Skin. Her satisfaction and fulfilment is clear as she concludes: “This is not the first million we have made out of our various business endeavours, but it is certainly the most satisfying. Nu Skin allows me to have a healthier life, besides allowing me to achieve leveraged income and the flexibility to arrange my work schedules. I have no stress. I certainly enjoy my Nu Skin business, as is my Nu Skin success, l am forever surrounded by ANGELS.”

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