Michele Liew


Circle of Excellence I & Executive Brand Director



While many are still living in a dream, Michele is living her dreams through Nu Skin. She has never anticipated her involvement in network marketing, but it has turned out to be one of the best decisions she has ever made. She believes that anyone can make it in this business as long as one understands the secret to living bigger.


Living bigger is not about more money, a grander house or a fancier car. Living bigger, one quickly realizes when speaking to Michele, is about leading a life that is not just about one self. “When I started Nu Skin, I thought about who would benefit if I persevered, who was depending on me. I had to set goals beyond my personal needs, always thinking of who am I working for besides myself. With this in mind, I began to live bigger and wanting to share not just wealth, but also wisdom, experience and skills”, Michele shared. Despite having an UNSW Australia degree and promising corporate and banking career, the mother of three decided to take a different path to pursue her dreams.


Michele wanted a more fulfilling choice to balance work with family at her own time and yet have a leveraged and quality lifestyle, and that’s when Nu Skin came at the right time. “Nu Skin has allowed all that to happen and so much more. My life has changed phenomenally in the past 10 years compared to my earlier years of dedicated effort in the corporate world. Nu Skin journey has enabled me to become the person I can be that I never was,” disclosed Michele. Her enthusiasm is infectious and one wonders how she ever caught up with herself at the speed she is going. “Nothing feels as good as being able to make a difference to others’ lives and inspire them to do the same; much like Nu Skin with a heart. I too live the mission of giving back,” Michele added.


It’s the best time to be in Nu Skin today as everything is given to us on a silver platter. The company has developed an arsenal of scientifically-proven products with unprecedented visible results. All we need to do is to just connect the product and opportunity to people.


For helping her to achieve her Circle of Excellence milestone in her Nu Skin journey, Michele would like to express her deepest gratitude to the staff of Nu Skin, international uplines and downlines for their unwavering support and from whom she has gained life-changing experiences. She acknowledges that much of her success is the composite of influence from many leaders over the years. Each leader’s personality never ceases to stimulate, fascinate and inspire her. Moving forward, there’s no stopping for Michele as she works towards helping more of her prospects and downlines to live their dreams!

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