Loo Mun Fong & Kok Kung Shen

Loo Mun Fong & Kok Kung Shen

Circle of Excellence I & 1 Year Team Elite

“Dreams do not shine on its own; only you will shine as you chase your dreams”


No matter how your life is, it has the potential to become an exciting journey. This is what newly crowned Team Elite, Loo Mun Fong and Kok Kung Shen have come to realize after braving through numerous challenges in their Nu Skin journey.


Before Nu Skin, life had fallen into a monotonous routine for both of them. Kung Shen was a computer system engineer while Mun Fong was a magazine editor. When they were first introduced to Nu Skin, they were impressed by Nu Skin products and the inspiring testimonials of many entrepreneurs. These ignited their desire for a better life and gave them the reason to go for more.


"One must have the courage to pursue goals and embrace challenges," the couple says. "For us, we were fortunate to have been introduced to Nu Skin as it has such good products and platform for transforming people's lives. Because of Nu Skin, our life has become much more colourful and interesting."


The couple admits that change is never easy, but it is always worth it when you know why you are doing it. In the beginning, it was challenging for them because they had a small network. Moreover, they didn't have much knowledge about Nu Skin products and business. However, they didn't let this deter them and continue to work hard, commit and dedicate their time to learn more to help them towards their goals.


"Every industry has its own set of challenges. You just need to know what you want in your life," say Kung Shen and Mun Fong. "When we start to keep our eyes only on our goals, we learn new ways to overcome the challenges along the way."


When asked about what moves them forward, the couple says it is their dream to enjoy leveraged income and the flexibility to arrange their time to work and to spend quality time with their family that inspire them to carry on with passion and motivation. Beyond this, the couple also found encouragement through their like-minded business partners.


"In our team, we guide and motivate each other. We believe small success depends on the individual; bigger achievements depend on the team. Thus, if you want to go fast, you can go alone, but if you want to go far, it's all about going together with your team," the couple shares.


Upon achieving this new coveted title, Kung Shen and Mun Fong hope they can inspire more people to reach for their goals and create a better future. "For those who find their Nu Skin journey difficult, we hope our story is a source of inspiration to help them go further. No matter what your background, age or education is, as long as you are willing to commit, dedicate, develop skills and go the extra miles and never waiver from your initial goal, you will have a chance to achieve a better life," they advise.

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