K C Kang & Willing Tan

K C Kang & Willing Tan

Circle of Excellence I, 2 Year Platinum Presidential Director & 6 Year Presidential Director

“Everyone has DREAMS! DREAM BIG.”

At first, their dream was to excel in a high tech multi-national company. As engineers, KC and Willing were satisfied with their careers. They were sent overseas to work as expatriates and were awarded several US Patents. When their daughter was born, they realized how precious each moment with her was, and it made going to work each day increasingly hard.

Their next dream, was to retire early and be financially free. They realized employment would never make their dreams come true, especially if they were trading their limited time for money. “There must be a better way!” Willing thought.

It was then that their angel, Stephanie, KC’s eldest sister introduced them to Nu Skin. “At first, we felt that network marketing was not professional and we were ‘working for the ones at the top’. But what we saw later was a complete paradigm shift,” explained Willing.

The participation of professionals in this industry was 35%, but Nu Skin has attracted a surprisingly 65%! This was what changed their minds. “What did these professionals see that I did not? Didn’t they make enough money already?” Willing wondered.

The secret was that Nu Skin has a global business plan. It was simple, visionary and generous, evidenced by the record number of millionaires created!

“Achieving this milestone as the first 3 Year Presidential Director from Penang is a testament to the Nu Skin opportunity. It has met everything we had dreamt of - time flexibility, global compounding leveraged income , innovation that continually renews the opportunity, personal growth potential, helping people succeed, supporting humanitarian causes, the freedom of choice and the ability to leave a legacy for the next generation,” storied KC.

“We want to thank Nu Skin and the professional staff for their constant support, and our parents and families for their belief and love.” They would also like to thank 4 Year Presidential Director & Circle of Excellence III, Philip, Janet & Joseph Cheung and 7 Year Presidential Director & Circle of Excellence III, Charissa Lee & Tai Chi Kwan from Hong Kong and China for their leadership and 1 Year Presidential Director & Circle of Excellence I, Monita Lo; Executive Brand Director, Sarah Chan; Patrick Lee;  Eddie & Margaret Poon and Executive Brand Partner Jolynn Tan for their guidance and teachings; our sideline working partners in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia for creating a culture of Young, Energetic and Success.

Most importantly, they want to thank all their Sales Leaders from Greater China and Southeast Asia region. “They are a driven team of go getters! They range from CEOs, architects, accountants, business owners, engineers, housewives, finance directors, etc. They truly are our pillars of strength! They are Executive Brand Director Siamy & Xavier, Jasmine, Yvon, Su Ming & KK, Arissa, Bee Chin & Hock Meng and everyone in the team. Not only do they help transform lives, they give back to the society unconditionally with their love and leadership. We LOVE you,” thanked our 3 Year Presidential Director.

What’s next? For KC and Willing, they are committed to create future Sales Leaders and Millionaires with the ageLOC innovation!

To succeed, the questions they always ask themselves are: “What kind of leader do we want to become in five years time? What dreams are we fighting for each day?”

“Dream big,” reminded the Sales Leaders.

To qualify for any title, you must meet all the requirements of the Sales Compensation Plan, including retail sales. Generating meaningful compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort and commitment. Success will also depend upon your skills, talents and leadership abilities. There are no guarantees of financial success and results will vary widely among participants. A complete summary of earnings at each level in the Sales Compensation Plan can be found at: www.nuskin.com