K C Kang & Willing Tan

K C Kang & Willing Tan

Circle of Excellence I, 3 Year Team Elite Platinum & 6 Year Team Elite

“Everyone has DREAMS! DREAM BIG.”

For KC and her husband, Willing, it was their open mind and willingness to go for new opportunities that brought them to today’s achievements.


Previously engineers, the couple loved their jobs, but they realized that what they were doing was not as rewarding as they wanted it to be. "Both of us work hard and our schedules can get so busy that we hardly have time for our daughter. Given the time and energy that we put into our work, we realized we can do better. We want to enjoy leveraged income and have the flexibility to arrange time for our work and family." says KC.


It was at this time that KC's sister introduced her to the Nu Skin products and opportunity. As a chemical engineer, KC was always vigilant about what goes into any skincare products. "When my sister recommended me to use Nu Skin products, the first thing I did was check the ingredients," KC recounts her experience. "I was satisfied that it met my requirements. We are using it regularly now and we are happy with the results. Having seen the product's potential, I realized many people would benefit from it too. That's when Willing and I took the initiative to learn more about Nu Skin's products and business model. We found it to be a feasible one and decided to take it on."


From thereon, they started their Nu Skin business. It turned out to be one of the best decisions of their lives. It was tough in the beginning, but they carried on. "We are happy to have reached this milestone," KC shares. "With this achievement, it's a new chapter for us at Nu Skin. What motivates us now is our team members. We are excited to help them achieve their goals and a new level of growth.


According to KC and Willing, self-development is the key to reaching their goals. "Our focus is on personal development. Achieving goals in this business is more than just financial rewards, it is also about fostering a more open and positive mindset in ourselves and others," KC says, adding that communication is important to make sure everyone is on the same page. "As every individual has their own vision of what goals they want to achieve, good communication helps us bridge the gaps and acquire mutual understanding. This is how we can all move forward towards the same direction."


The couple is grateful that they have the support of their team members and peers at Nu Skin throughout their journey. They would like to extend their gratitude to Circle of Excellence I, Siamy & Xavier; Executive Brand Director, Jasmine, Yvon, Su Ming & KK, Arissa, Bee Chin & Hock Meng and everyone in the team. “We are really grateful to our uplines, team leaders, team members and sidelines who believe in us and are always there to support us. It has been a fulfilling experience,” says KC. “We are thankful to Nu Skin for giving us the wonderful products and business opportunity.”

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