John Wong & Mah Yee Ching

John Wong & Mah Yee Ching

Circle of Excellence I & Executive Brand Director


“Go all out and no regrets!”


When you put your heart and mind to it with ceaseless passion, it may just make your journey a more meaningful experience. That's how John Wong and Yee Ching feel about achieving the Circle of Excellence I title. To them, this achievement is the cumulative results of their effort, dedication and commitment and proof that they have made the right choice to join Nu Skin. This venture has allowed them to enjoy leveraged income and the flexibility to arrange their time so that they can spend more quality time with their loved ones.


While it was the right decision, it was not an easy one to make. Before the couple knew about Nu Skin, both Yee Ching and John were software engineers. They were good at their jobs, but they realised they wanted more out of life. For Yee Ching, her job began to take a toll on her health. She knew she had to prioritise her well-being, and that would mean finding a new job or something else to do. John, on the other hand, always dreamt of becoming a successful entrepreneur even before he took up engineering, and therefore was also on the lookout for new opportunities.


Hence, when the couple were introduced to Nu Skin products and the business through John's colleague, it instantly sparked their interest even though they were not sure about it. However, after gaining more knowledge about the quality of the products and the business model, they decided to venture into Nu Skin and start anew as Nu Skin entrepreneurs.

Once they did, they didn't look back – no matter what challenges they encountered along the way. One of the things that encouraged them to stay motivated in the business is the positive work environment which puts emphasis on teamwork.


"We attribute our achievements to the people around us – our team and mentors," the couple says. "We would like to thank our mentor, Circle of Excellence IV Rayne Ho, who is a true role model. He made us realise that everything is possible and helped us to break through our limited mindset."


Moving ahead, John and Yee Ching aim to give back to the community by helping more people change their lives for the better. They also strive to help their team achieve their goals. For aspiring leaders, the couple advises them to always lock their sights on their goals and fight for what they want. "Make sure you make a firm decision. If you want to do it, do it whole-heartedly; do not just test the water," they say. "As you work hard and commit to achieve your goal, remember to enjoy the process as well. Success is a journey, not a destination!"

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