Grace Tan

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Grace Tan

Circle of Excellence I & Executive Brand Director

“This is truly a life-changing opportunity. It has transformed me into a better person and I can give my family a better life.”


From ordinary to extra special, from modest to glamorous, Grace Tan is not the same person she was a decade ago. Today, she is a confident, capable and an amazing woman, who has not only transformed her own life but that of her family as well.


Grace is a qualified engineer and was an international certified QMS auditor for a certification body. She has been involved for more than 17 years in the auditing of the quality management system of various companies through their ups and downs of business. Through those years of growth and knowledge she learned a lot about what makes businesses work and what are risks businesses assume in their bid to rise above the competition.


However, she was highly skeptical of direct sales and never thought it could be the catalyst that changed her life. She was introduced to Nu Skin through TRA and within three months her health improved tremendously. This was enough for Grace to change her mind and share her experience and the product with others.


“The opportunity with I gained through the Nu Skin business was one of opportunity. I have been transformed into a better person, in terms of physical health, personal growth and self-confidence. This means that I am able to give my family a better life.”


On the numbers front, Grace was able to create for herself a passive and exponential income and become fully in charge of how much she worked and what she could achieve. In her journey she has obtained the best support from a group of selfless leaders who were willing to give her the leadership that she needed.


“To me, Success Together founders, Rayne and Angela are equipped with all the necessary characteristics of being great leaders. They lead by example and are always ready to give. This is how they have managed to gain the trust of people from all walks of life, people who are willing to follow and learn from them. The team pledges to create 1,000 Circle of Excellence members, which is possible because of extraordinary Nu Skin’s business compensation plan.


Grace is proud of being a part of Nu Skin, a world class anti-aging company and the products like ageLOC with its scientific breakthrough. She’s constantly aware of how far she has come and is looking forward to the journey ahead.

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