Chew Soon Chen & Lim Yi Ling

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Chew Soon Chen & Lim Yi Ling

Circle of Excellence I & Executive Brand Director


“The path to freedom begins with taking the first step into a new opportunity”


Fuelled with the passion to pursue his personal flexibility, Chew Soon Chen will stop at nothing to create the life he wants. This was the tenacity and devotion that brought him success at Nu Skin, which had been one of the biggest and best changes he had made in his life.


With a background in engineering, Chew started his first job at an engineering company in Singapore. However, after only a brief stint at the company, it was beginning to take a toll on his quality of life. It was at this time he began exploring other career opportunities.


"The stressful commute to and from work and long hours really got to me. I realized I was not happy in this job as I had to compromise much of my personal time and freedom," Chew says.


It was during his search for a new venture that he was introduced to Nu Skin by his best friend. At first he was sceptical, but after having learned more about the company and the business, he began to see that there was a great opportunity at Nu Skin for him to actually build a substantial and sustainable business.


"It was definitely not an easy decision to move from engineering into a new venture I have little experience in. But as I began to get to know more about Nu Skin’s business plans and the huge market potential for skin care and anti-aging products, it became clear that this was a solid business opportunity that I can embark in. Coupled with my strong conviction to regain my life flexibility, I took a leap of faith to join Nu Skin,” Chew shares.


With sheer hard work, determination and commitment, Chew's business began to grow and reaped good results over the years. Since joining Nu Skin in 2009, Chew has been able to achieve his dreams. Within a few years he was able to purchase his dream car, his dream home and another house for his parents. Today, he has achieved Nu Skin’s Circle of Excellence I title. From here, with solid proof that he was able to be successful in Nu Skin, his father, who had strong objections about Nu Skin at first, began to change his mind and supported him.


"I have to say, finally getting my father's blessing and support was a big win in itself, "Chew says, the best thing about being with Nu Skin is that it gave him the flexibility of his life back.


"I am so happy that this business allows me full autonomy of my time. No longer do I need to stress out about punching in to work on time - I can now take time off to travel, spend more quality time with my loved ones and really create the life of my dreams. This has truly been a life-changing experience and I would advise others to always follow their passion and dreams. It will be scary at first, especially if it’s a big change. However, keep your eyes on your goals and you will definitely achieve what you desire.”

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