Chew Soon Chen & Lim Yi Ling

Chew Soon Chen & Lim Yi Ling

Circle of Excellence I & 1 Year Team Elite


“Stay focused and don't let anyone stop you from pursuing your dreams!”


It’s now or never to start living the life you want. For Chew Soon Chen and Lim Yi Ling, they know that they must make some big changes in their life in order to achieve their goals.


While Soon Chen, who was previously an engineer and Yi Ling who worked as a hairdresser were working in their jobs, they felt bogged doing work they didn’t find fulfilling. When Soon Chen's stressful commute to and from work started to take a toll on him, he decided that it was time to do something different. "I realized I was not happy in this job so I began exploring other business opportunities. It was at this time that my best friend introduced the Nu Skin products and business to me. I was sceptical at first but decided to give it a shot anyway.”


With little experience in this new venture, it was a big leap for the couple. However, they carried on in spite of the challenges and began learning as much as they could about the products and business. "As we learn more about Nu Skin's products, business plans and the huge market potential for skin care and anti-aging products, we began to feel more confident about this venture," says Soon Chen. "This gave us the motivation to push through the challenges along the way."


Their perseverance paid off as their business began to flourish. The couple successfully built a solid Nu Skin business and with that it helped them focus on achieving their goals they wanted – leveraged income and the flexibility to allocate time for their family and work. They share that the keys in this journey are hard work, determination and commitment. "Learn hard and work hard. Always be passionate, learn new skills and never give up," the couple advises, adding that support from family and business partners is also an important part of the process to help them stay motivated.


Above all, what really keeps them going in this business is being able to help and support others achieve their goals as well. “One of our most memorable moments is seeing our downlines getting recognition from the Company for their Nu Skin achievement," say Soon Chen and Yi Ling. “This makes our Nu Skin venture a truly fulfilling one and we look forward to an even more rewarding journey!”

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