August Mok & May Tan


Circle of Excellence I & Executive Brand Director

“This is a business that allows you to succeed by helping others to succeed.”


There weren’t easy days for August Mok and May Tan when they decided to take a leap out of the conventional path to joining Nu Skin after learning about the products and business model. The couple’s decision to go into direct selling was met with tremendous objections from family members and even ridicule from the people around them. “We were constantly asked ‘Why would the two of you, who are holding highly-paid respectable jobs, want to become salesman? Are you crazy?’” August recalled of the harsh reactions when he announced his involvement in Nu Skin to his mother.


Prior to joining Nu Skin, August was a high level supervisor in a trading company while May was a seasoned educator in the public sector. Their combined income allowed them to lead a very comfortable lifestyle but the couple knew that the classic model of generating income from employment has a time and value limit. They cannot increase their earnings exponentially and they can’t be working forever. “We thought of starting a business of our own. But to make that happen, we will need a lot of resources, investments and connection. Thinking about the challenges, we were overwhelmed before we even started,” shared August.


“But Nu Skin business is different There are few logistical issues to solve as the company already has an established distribution channel, and there is the power of leveraging that magnifies one’s business building efforts,” May added. While the couple joined Nu Skin with the initial intention to achieve leveraged income and the flexibility to work around their schedules, they now realized that the true ‘wealth’ one gets from this business is much more profound, more so when the economy is slow. People tend to be more open to opportunity as such during bad times.


“This is a people’s business, so people management and people relations are the biggest challenges that May and I need to overcome. We have no experience in direct selling or being leaders but we learn and grow in this business. We become better versions of ourselves through the process and we no longer view success as being a personal achievement but experience more joy in witnessing the success of others, especially our business partners,” August disclosed. To the husband-and-wife team, the Nu Skin business is one that helps those who wish to help themselves and are willing to strive to succeed with love and full effort.


For their qualification as Circle of Excellence members, August and May would like to thank their mentors Circle of Excellence IV, 5 Year Team Elite Platinum & 27 Year Team Elite, Wang Kuan Ming & Chen Ming Zhu; and their direct uplines Circle of Excellence I & 5 Year Team Elite, See Kwang Seng & Liew Kim Eng, for imparting valuable lessons. Moving forward, the leaders hope to help more people experiencing his mother’s change of heart from being a huge skeptic to an ardent believable of what Nu Skin can do, is their greatest reward from the business. In fact, their only hope now is to be able to continue to grow through learning daily with a positive attitude and upright behavior!

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