Alan Goh & Serene Tan

Alan Goh & Serene Tan

Circle of Excellence I & 4 Year Team Elite


“Life is great when you have a free mind to do anything you love.”


Striving for better days in life for 8 years as an employee and 6 years in a self-employed business, Alan realised his dreams has faded as he has been using all his time and health in exchange for money. It was after he met an incident of mild heart attack at the age of 33, he realized that health is everything in life. He knew that he needs a change for better but MLM was not his option. Being sceptic over the industry makes them reject their direct sponsor for 2 years.


“God is good all the time, as he opens door to us through our sister and also angel Circle of Excellence I, Grace Tan. We were introduced on a set of weight management program that have helped to support my health and of course my wife, Serene’s figure”. Most importantly, it created a turning point in their life! They begin to open up to Nu Skin after they understand the company’s mission to help more people improve lives. “That was what we are looking for, it was a complete solution to us” says Alan.


After committing and dedicating  time and effort in sharing the products and building their Nu Skin business, the couple realized one of their goals of sending their sons to international school.  They would not compromise their sons’ education no matter what kind of challenges arise. “As parents, the hardest thing is to look at the disappointment face of our loves one says Alan.


Their achievement as Team Elite in Nu Skin leads them to strengthen their mission to be a Go-giver and being a Force For Good by helping more people and understand what is truly Nu Skin business.


“This business is not just about earning supplemental income. It is about life transformation. It is about changing others to be better.”


“Just as you are transforming your own life, you help transform the lives of those around you. You’ll never know how good you are till you discover the best you through Nu Skin. Life is great when you have a free mind to do anything you like. Thank you Nu Skin”.

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