Nicholas Yeo & Gan Kok Hong


Circle of Excellence III, 3 Year Team Elite Platinum & 11 Year Team Elite

"Life must be exciting, life must be glorious, life must be lived to the fullest... because you deserve it."


Every great success story has a small beginning. Never in their wildest dreams did Nicholas Yeo and Gan Kok Hong, who were previously accountants imagine they would live life at their own terms. But thanks to Nu Skin, this power couple can now pursue a lifestyle they want.


“If you think our life is great, that’s just because we have come upon a good platform with amazing products, have met a group of great people, and therefore have had an unforgettable journey,” the couple says.


With no prior experience in the sales and marketing field, Nicholas and Kok Hong did not do well when they first joined Nu Skin. There were many ups and downs throughout their journey, but they didn’t let the challenges deter them. Ultimately, they found that the biggest obstacle is never about lacking the right skills or social network. For them, it is important to make a firm decision to change. “Whatever we want to achieve, we can. We just need to make a strong decision to change. When we are willing to change, then whatever we thought is lacking will no longer be an issue,” they say.


Nicholas and Kok Hong further shares that their keys to achieving their goals are a strong desire to succeed, commitment and a good personality. “We believe people do not actually fail; these are just people who give up too early. The route to success is never crowded because many do not persist all the way to the top. So, keep working hard, commit and don’t be afraid of failing or making a mistake,” Nicholas and Kok Hong say.


Nicholas and Kok Hong who have achieved many milestones at Nu Skin over the years, recently achieved yet another one – the Circle of Excellence III (COE III). They are dedicating their achievement to their parents who have tirelessly taught them to be kind, hardworking and positive – important values which contributed significantly to their business. While their parents were concerned when they first started the business, they still unconditionally supported them, which made the journey a more fulfilling one.


COE III is just another step that brings this couple closer to an even more meaningful mission. At this point, the reason that keeps them active in the business is having the opportunity to help others transform their lives, providing them a chance to also experience Nu Skin’s innovative products and rewarding business opportunities. “Frankly, we no longer work for our own achievements. We feel it is our responsibility to help and support others achieve their goals. We also want to change people’s negative misperception about this industry. Above all, we genuinely enjoy what we are doing. As we help others to transform and bring more value to their lives, we see more value in our own lives as well,” they say.” Success to us is about improving bit by bit. We may walk slowly, but we never turn back. Keep going as there will a bountiful harvest at the end of the journey!”

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