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Asthik Arutyunyan

Asthik Arutyunyan

Hazel Calvert

During university, and after graduating, I worked as an employee in a construction company. In 5 years of working with the company, my income grew 3 times, while the owner became a millionaire. I realised then that you can earn a lot of money by working for yourself.


Soon after, I decided to start my business: wholesale of building materials. At that time, I had a lot of work and practically no free time; I was completely involved in my work. Everything went well, but the 2008 crisis hit my business hard. The one question in my head was in what direction do I go further, to have stability, growth and more free time, for myself and my family?


A year before the meeting with Nu Skin, my mother became an active Nu Skin customer, enjoying all the company’s flagship anti-ageing technologies. Seeing the tremendous changes, I started using the ageLOC Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System and all the other advanced technologies that the company offered.


A year later, the woman who presented Nu Skin products to my mother proposed that I looked at Nu Skin as an opportunity to have a business in the fast-growing trend of youth and health. I was invited to a meeting with one very successful businessman who worked with Nu Skin for many years. His story inspired me and convinced me to build my own business.


I gave myself half a year to build a business with Nu Skin and after six months, I closed my first business and completely dedicated myself to Nu Skin. I am already with Nu Skin for 7 years now, and I'm happy that I was not afraid to make changes in my life.


What do I have now?

Growing business in the fastest growing trend.

Great friends and business partners.

Customers all over Russia and abroad who use Nu Skin’s technology.

And the most important thing is more time to spend with my family, and time to travel.