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Have your life goals slipped a few notches?

Does your step miss its bounce?

Are you willing to take control of your body and mind, as life dashes by?





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Rediscover your curious and confident self with TR90. It’s a weight management programme based on nutritional science, the power of natural ingredients, and a personal support system.


Give TR90 a try for 30 days or more. With the help of meal replacement bars, botanical-rich drinks and carefully calibrated natural supplements – plus an exercise and diet plan – you’ll certainly find the best way to shape your life.


Change isn’t about numbers on the scales: it’s about brushing aside cravings, engaging with a tough challenge and redefining your lifestyle habits through the way you eat, move and live. Our scientists and ambassadors are convinced it’s the best way to shape your future.




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You want a kick-start to prevent lazy habits and to keep you feeling young and fresh.

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You have tried multiple diets without success: you want a plan inspired by nature and powered by science that will work for you.

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You want to inspire others to find the track that’s right for them as a TR90 brand ambassador.


Are you willing to commit, and join the programme?



Three steps


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Healthy eating is a science and an art. The TR90 high protein diet plan contains delicious, healthy recipes – combining meat and plant protein –great-tasting meal replacement bars and three dietary supplements.


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Discover fitness exercises and tips to help you move, burn calories and maintain a healthy body.


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Health and nature are connected within the TR90 support system to help you improve your mental wellbeing and increase your positive attitude. 


With our TR90 weight management programme, you'll also find useful tips and tricks to help you successfully combine all three steps on your way to a healthier lifestyle.


Pick & mix



Want only meal replacement bars? Or a big fan of a specific combination of supplements?

Create your own self-curated routine supported by TR90 products!



Pharmanex TR90 JS, botanical food supplement

100% natural ingredients such as prickly pear cactus, red orange, pomegranate and saffron.


TR90 Complex C

Pharmanex TR90 Complex C pill, sour cherry supplement

Sour cherry supplement combining the benefits of tart cherry (Prunus cerasus) fruit powder with cocoa and pomegranate.


TR90 V-Shake


These delicious shakes are high in protein and contain no artificial colours or preservatives, making them an ideal way to help beginners, pros and gym bros achieve their fitness goals.