Liana Mariza & Imansyah Sutrisno ST

The introduction of Lia and Iman with Nu Skin occurred five years ago when this couple were enjoying their conventional business trip. Galvanic Spa made Lia see a big opportunity behind the small product which can make a face look 5 years younger only in five minutes.


Lia and Iman’s experience in carrying out this business has been ups and downs. Lia and Iman enjoyed the process which occasionally brought them to ups and downs. Some years ago, this couple had to face the truth that their organization out of town which had been painstakingly built, collapsed by 70%. But that did not discourage Lia and Iman. They kept struggling and standing tall. "The key is to have big dreams and never quit pursuing and/or chasing them," Lia said.


Lia and Iman saw the big dreams as fuel to reach success. When they were in difficult and hard times and facing problems, their dreams re-charged them to encourage them keep going and moving on. They saw their success in reaching the level of 2 Year Team Elite as an opportunity to help lots of people. This couple is really aware that Nu Skin is the right vehicle to make the dreams of theirs and the people around them come true. With highly innovative products and technology, we can use the products easily, telling others its efficacy and benefits and inviting other to use them. Then, we can invite to engage in the business thus facilitating the duplication process. It is so very simple, not complicated.


Nu Skin business is not always about money. Lia and Iman love Nu Skin business more due to its force-for good culture. Such culture was realized through program 1% for helping children with heart disorder/problems and giving donation to VitaMeal which made this business felt more exciting.


The journey to realize Nu Skin Indonesia 2 Billions in 2017 is not easy, but achievable. Imagine if that can be attained. There will be many families can be alleviated from poverty. Though it is not easy, with cooperation among distributors and management of Nu Skin, Lia and Iman believe that it can be realized. "With commitment, persistence and integrity, we make it to the finish line. Every success has its own process. Enjoy the process happily. Accelerate your success, to enjoy it longer," Lia and Iman suggested.