dr. Lina Lusifah & dr. Satria Pratama

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“With Nu Skin We Learn About Leadership”


Meet with Nu Skin is not coincidence but God’s will. All through the journey, this business teaches us a lot about the importance of putting clear vision to be able to see the layers of what the cies and laughters has brought for us. 


With Nu Skin we learn about leadership and realize that we were created to be a leader who would have to be responsible to our creator. As a leader, it takes a lot of lights and love in the shell of trust and loyality of brotherhood. We grew to become 1 Million Dollar Circle with the accumulation of work within this brotherhood. 


With Nu Skin we learn much about the meaning of courage and face the future. Along with the courage to stick to the vision and mission, we declare to ourselves about our profession: that is ‘the messengers’. As the word messengers resonated, the more we were called to move and take action, because we are the messengers. In every step that we take, we are asked to keep improving ourselves and other people at the same time. 


Along with Nu Skin, we learn a lot about the layers of light in network marketing business. It has silaturahim within that we believe will add more blessings to our live. There is spirit to become a person who loves the process of coaching and being coached. We are sure that with intensive coachings, the stronger this business is. The more we do, the faster we gain the result. The more heartfully we work, the result will multiply. 


With Nu Skin we learn to be assured with what Allah has decided for us. His will and power has made us become 1 Million Dollar Circle. We are sure this title is a test to get to the next level. Our obligation is to continue and keep calling others to contribute in developing the new civilization.