dr. Fusinovana & Dody Hartono

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“Let’s Inspire Others for a Better Life”


As a doctor and architect who were busy with our professional work, we never imagined of having free time and good financial condition in this business. Neither developing conventional business nor doing professional work is easy and cheap. When we got big income from our conventional business or our work, we did not know when we can rest. The more success we were, we were even busier. 


We realized what we did at that time was not the best option for us. There must be a better thing that we could do aside of what we had done before. And after we got in touch with a product named Galvanic Spa in 2010, we opened our way to an improved live. 


What was started with purchase and use of Galvanic Spa went well and grew so fast. A lot of great people were resulted from our organization. The difference with our previous business is the focus. In conventional business, we focused on the profit, while here in Nu Skin’s business we focus to self development and creating welfare for many people. 


This business is not as complicated as what many people think. Most failure in Nu Skin’s business is caused by impatience in doing the process and decides to quit soon.  nyatanya tidaklah serumit dan sesukar yang ada di benak banyak orang. It is the leader’s task to guide and bring the team to reach success and their dreams. 


Nothing is impossible when many people are able to become Team Elite, as long as they want to learn and work hard. Be thankful for our existence in Nu Skin’s business, never give up before our goals and dreams are realized.