Yusanidah & Abi Purdi

“Everybody Has the Same Chance to Grow in Nu Skin’s Business”


We thank God for his blessing to us. Many things have changed in our life after we knew Nu Skin. Years ago we rarely went to other cities, and never went abroad. But now we have traveled around the world and we go abroad 3-4 times in a year. For other people it may be a common thing, but not for us. 


Nu Skin’s business suits people from various background; from housewives, professional, politician, lawyer, medical doctor, students to high school graduate can succeed as long as they have a strong will. We’ve been in this business for 10 years now and we enjoy meeting with new people and be impactful for others; making them able to improve their lives socially, spiritually and in economy, health and self development aspects. 


Nu Skin Indonesia has the goal to create 1000 Rubies in 2020. We believe that we will achieve it together. The question is whether we will take part in it and how many Rubies we have in our organization. Being a global business, everyone has the same chance to grow and gain success here. 


Developing network business is like planting some seeds. Not only we have to pray for its result, we have to shower it, and take good care of it. It is a process; build it everyday and give our comitment to this business, then it will give us good result.