Yurika Lestari & Azman Shadiqi

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“Continue to Dream and Take Action”


I started my Nu Skin business in June 2013 with the intention to support family’s economy. Slowly but sure, I am able to have my team grown. The road was not easy. I faced many challenges, obstacles and negative responses. However, I did not let my good intention go down because of such negativities. I keep moving forward, and convinced myself that I will become successful. I vowed to prove to the whole world that a housewive like me is also successful in Nu Skin business. 


I am grateful I was able to grab various incentive trips from Nu Skin since 2015. I have enjoyed trips from Bali to Jepang in 2015, Europe and Macau in 2016, and Dubai in 2017. Next, I urge myself to also win trip to Pattaya later in 2017 and to Sydney next year.


Thanks to the Almighty God, my family who are always supportive, the team that becomes my motivation and all Nu Skin leaders in Indonesia. Most importantly I also thank management and Account Managers of Nu Skin for being a great partner in this business. 


Becoming a Blue Diamond is not the end of my achievement. I said to myself that I will keep moving forward and develop this business. I have to become a Team Elite and Million Dollar Circle. As my motto says: keep dreaming and take action. Success is not about right, but it has an obligation that we have to fulfill in order to obtain it. Go Nu Skin Indonesia!