Vidion Widyantara & Lisa Christina Buntara


“I Am Grateful for Meeting Nu Skin 10 Years Ago”


As an architecture graduate from Parahyangan University, a decent job for me, off course, is an architect. But since graduated, I spent the first 5 years to work in banking industry. I had a dream to have my own business that would give job opportunity for many people. When my wife got pregnant, I decided to quit from the bank and started my own business for the sake of better financial condition for my family. 


In 3 years, I owned various businesses, from outsourcing, promotion and decoration, electrical bicycle dealer, car rental to fitness center. My first encounter with Nu Skin was when I was invited to scan antioxidant. At that time I realized that my diet and life style were not healthy at all. I slept very short and very late. How could I enjoy life if my own health was not thoroughly considered? I then decided to buy Pharmanex supplements for my own consumption. In the beginning, I did not think about running the business, because my conventional businesses have already kept me very busy. All then changed after I joined a training in Philippines in 2009.  I realized that in conventional business, eventhough I may be financially fulfilled, but I run out of time with my loved ones.


I am so grateful for the meeting with Nu Skin 10 years ago. Although many of my uplines living abroad or out of town, I was not down. I just continue to do my best to reach what I have been dreaming of. In the 10th years with Nu Skin, now I could enjoy my time to do anything that I never did before. 


Nu Skin business is not only about financial, but also about relationship and being meaningful for human being. Next, Team Elite and Million Dollar Circle are my goals after Blue Diamond.