“Make Nu Skin Business as Professional Job”


I have suffered various, continuous health problems since 10 years ago. I had gastritic, low blood pressure, as well as some uncomfort feeling on my hand and neck areas. I also had vertigo almost every day. 


One day a friend of mine came and measured my body weight. At that time I just realized that body composition is way more important than only numbers in the weight scale. I decided to join a Pharmanex 3-months program to manage my body weight. My number changes and so does my life. I felt more comfort with my body and that made me find a better me. The positive environment taught me to do everything with heart and give a chance to other people to also develop their potentials. Company’s mission, Force for Good, made me more confident to take huge decision to close 3 retail stores that I had built for 15 years.


Because of my love to Nu Skin products, I am happy to share about them. This makes me love what I am doing right now. From time to time, I learn, belive and work with many more people. Today I do what others won’t do, but I believe one day I will enjoy the quality of life that not many people will be able to get. 


Becoming a Blue Diamond is not easy. When a big challenge came and almost stopped me in Nu Skin, I knew there was a strong drive for self development. And it made me continue to help many more people to know about the products, culture and the opportunity to become a better person and have a better life too.