Lussia Christina & Ardhi Yulianto


“Find the Real Meaning of Success in Nu Skin”


As a housewive, I am so grateful because my husband really supports me to do business. In 2011 I started my culinary business. I sold special cake (lapis legit) from Kalimantan. This business grew and I enjoyed being as a mother who taking care of the kids while also making money.


In early 2013, a friend introduced me to Nu Skin business. I did not think doing it seriously but seeing the support from my husband, I thought to give it a try. In the 3rd month, I started to see a very big opportunity that is different from my previous business. Before, I could only gain big profit during festive seasons. But in Nu Skin, business continues to grow because everybody wants to be healthy and look young. 


In Nu Skin, I can share my experiences to help other people improve their health.  I recruit and guide people, teaching them to reach what I have reached. I feel that I found the true meaning of success here, by making other people in our organization successful too. 


After three months, I firlmly decided to do Nu Skin business full time and quit my previous home industry business. I learn so many new things, including rejections that I have to deal with as there is no such business without challenges and obstacles.  I focus to develop myself, train my self to boost confidence, learn good communications  as well as financial and time management. 


My husband eventually was also interested with this business and we build our Nu Skin business together. Not only transforming financially, Nu Skin also gives us positive environment that teaches us to put priority on the Almighty God, family, then business. It teaches us to become meaningful for other people.


We are very greateful to Allah SWT and thank our uplines and mentors who are always there to guide us, and downlines and crosslines who always share their positive energy to us. Let’s do this together!