Era Yulia & Sholekhan

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“Decide Now to Do Nu Skin Business, or Never”


My first contact with Nu Skin 3 years ago never came across my mind. As a head of accounting for 18 years made me skeptical that I can do this business. But deep inside my heart I got bored already working as an employee. I tried to find a job that I can do from home yet still give me good income. 

From my experience of using a skin care product from Nu Skin, I started to see a bigger opportunity. With the innovative products and track record as leading, innovative anti-aging company, I have a belief that this business will last long. Such belief has made me more confident to get serious in Nu Skin. 


With limited capital and time, I started my Nu Skin business. I did it part time for about 2 years and in December 2105, I made a big decision to resign from my job. It was now or never. Stepping out from the comfort zone is really not easy. But with support from my husband and family, I have a great energy to prove that I can run Nu Skin business.


Achievement as a Blue Diamond is a result of great team work. I dedicated it for my team who never gave up. From now on, I will keep focus and consistent in doing Nu Skin business and grow my organization. In this business, I have a dream of creating Blue Diamonds. May Allah SWT make all the way for me.