C.E Sutjirahayu

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“Be Assured that God Will Open the Door for Every Good Thing”


In 2015 I was invited to visit City Plaza and got scanned. The result was quite okay at that time but it turned out that I was overweight; 155 cm height and 65 kgs of weight, I also had acute gastritic. Therefore I embraced the offer of a program called ageLOC TR90 and consuming ageLOC R2. After 3 months the result was great and I felt much better. I also took ageLOC Transformation which turned me to a younger look. I carefully researched about Nu Skin products and was convinced with “All of the Goods, None of the Bads” philosophy.


I started to share about Nu Skin to friends and relatives. It was not easy and I found plenty rejections, but I believe there will always be a way for a good cause. Together with the team, I encourage people to transform their health and life. 


This achievement is just a beginning for a good future. Time and process will make this journey perfect. With prayer, belief, good intention to help other people and hard work. I believe success will belong to us.